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Jul 19, 2012

Introduction To Computers

A computer is a powerful logical tool which works by using programs given (written or coded) by user. In other words, a computer is an electric machine that can store, organize, find and manipulate information, do calculations and control other devices.

Desktop computer, Laptop, micro computer, mini computer, PDA (Personal Digital Assistant), super computer etc. are types of computer around us.

Some Useful Terms used in the Study of Computer Science
Server: Server is a computer embedded with some program that controls or supplies information to several computers connected in a network.

Port: A port is a place on a computer where you can attach another piece of equipment, often using a cable. Moreover it is like a entrance and exit door to transfer data from one computer to another computer or other devices.

Jul 11, 2012

Computer Science Project Work assignment Grade XI Sample Report

HSEB notes team would like to congratulate all the SLC graduates for this year and a very warm greeting on the track of Higher Secondary Education Level.
Here is a small gift for those who have selected Computer Science as their optional subject for Class 11 as a welcome present as well as best wishes for their best future.
Now, if you are Computer Science student then you might be aware of the practical examination at the end of the session which carries 25% of the total full marks of the subject, i.e. 25. This document is a sample task report for that examination.

Feb 3, 2012

Computer Science - An Introduction to Computers

Today, without any lecture, lets get to the main point. Here is a small partial note from Computer Science of Class 11. It is embedded with another PDF document containing Some Useful Technical Abbreviations, Click on Attachment button at the left bottom of the PDF window to get the bonus PDF.
We are getting old day by day and up to now we have published different notes regarding to plus two level which is obviously admirable but not satisfactory.