Jul 30, 2012

Unchopping a Tree - W.S. Merwin

 WS Merwin in his essay “Unchopping a Tree” directs us to unchop a chopped down tree to make us realize the difficulty involved in this process. Giving pseudo direction, the writer makes un aware that unstopping a chopped down tree is an impossible task thereby appealing us to be wise and preserve the nature.

A tree has recently been chopped down, so the writer directs us to indulge ourselves to unchop the tree. He directs us to collect the leaves, twigs and put them to their original places. We should also repair the bird nests, spider webs, beehives and neighbouring trees damaged by the fall. It is very difficult to keep the fallen tree upright with the help of tackles and scaffoldings. Even being paying extreme care, there is possibility of snapping away some leaves and twigs. After keeping the trunk upright, we should put back all the splinters scattered around to their own places.
The writer directs us to collect and put back all the saw dust to their former positions. Bar dust is extremely difficult to trace out as it mixes to the soil very easily. The writer finally directs us to remove the tackles and scaffoldings piece by piece so that there would be no damage. In spite of all these efforts, although the tree finally stands on its trunk, it is very feeble and a gentle push of breeze is sufficient to blow away the leaves and a mild touch of cloud is enough for its falling down again.

Using pseudo directive instructions, the writer actually wants us to realize the impossibility of unchopping a chopped down tree. Revealing the extreme difficulty involved in this process, he appeals us to be sensible enough and preserve the nature rather than damaging it.

What message does the writer want to convey us through this essay?
What does the essay suggest us about conservation of nature and about deforestation?
In his essay ‘Unchopping a Tree’, describing various complications involved in the process of unchopping a chopped down tree, the writer stresses the importance of preservation of nature. Pointing towards the impossibility of restoring the parts of a chopped down tree, the writer makes us aware about the need to preserve nature. The writer also emphasizes that modern scientific inventions and development cannot replace the work of nature. Nature is always original one and we should not try to equalize it with man made artificial things. This essay is aimed to promote to conserve nature and to discourage deforestation. It is very easy to destroy nature or tree, but restoration of the damaged nature to its original form is extremely difficult task which is almost impossible. The writer in the essay makes us realize the difficulty in restoring nature to its original form and appeals us not to destroy the nature at all.

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