Jul 11, 2012

Computer Science Project Work assignment Grade XI Sample Report

HSEB notes team would like to congratulate all the SLC graduates for this year and a very warm greeting on the track of Higher Secondary Education Level.
Here is a small gift for those who have selected Computer Science as their optional subject for Class 11 as a welcome present as well as best wishes for their best future.
Now, if you are Computer Science student then you might be aware of the practical examination at the end of the session which carries 25% of the total full marks of the subject, i.e. 25. This document is a sample task report for that examination.

Let’s talk something about the document now. This PDF is a sample report of Project Work Assignment of Computer Science Grade XI. The assignment (question) is archived with the report document. Students of Computer Science HSEB may find these documents helpful for the completion of their practical examination project.

The assignment is divided into four parts, they are Word Processing (MS Word), Spreadsheet (MS Excel), Presentation (MS PowerPoint) and Web Page Designing (HTML). Similarly, the sample report document also contains report for each part individually. As for Word Processing, the document contains the same copy of done assignment, for Spreadsheet and Presentation it contains screenshots of the result document and for HTML, it contains screenshots of 16 different HTML pages with respective HTML markup (code) below the screenshot individually.

Every page inside the report document contains a watermark or credit link for www.hsebnotes.com to avoid the wrong use of our document. These documents are provided for those students who are eager to learn the idea not for those who are eager to take the advantages only. That’s why we are unable to include the original assignment files (i.e. Original Word Document, Original HTML page, Original Excel Document, Original Presentation Document) because of the possible misuses of the documents (esp. unauthorized copy and paste without giving credits).

This assignment was given as the final practical examination project work assignment to the students of Trinity International College, Kathmandu in the year 2012. The assignment and the sample report are published here in HSEB Notes as for educational purpose only.

UPDATES: For updates related to this document in future please refer to Computer Science, Grade XI section on our download page and seek for the higher versions of the document. You can find document version on the first page or the last page, inside the respective document.

At last, we would like to thank you for using our document. And please be sure to contact us for any kind of free assistance or help on your project work related to Computer Science. We shall try to help you out as much as we can and as quick as possible. Please be sure to read our terms of use before downloading or using any of our documents.

View or download Computer Science Project Work now.

Update: 27-06-2014: [Corrected link]


  1. k hamile project work ma computer ko kunai chapter ko barema ms word ma lekhda huncha???

    1. If its an essay or an article to be printed before submitted then yes you can. Please consult your teacher though.

  2. is there any sample for making project work on html?

  3. manoj raj acxharyaMarch 7, 2014 at 12:55 AM

    hami lea computer k antim mA jati bujaunea parnea project cha ni k tyo sampurna kuraharu drowing ka satth pauna sakchau.class miss vaka hami jasta bbiddharti lai aari gayanmulak hunea thyo.k teso hajur haru ko tarfa bata hunsakcha hola? vaidea ramro hunea thyo

  4. Please can you privide a sample of a project??

  5. html ma project kasto khali deyenxa?


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