Apr 24, 2012

Magic of Word - Complete Summaries

Hello Guys! How is your preparation going? The great board exam season is running these days. Hope you are preparing good. Here is a bit of fuel on your race. Hope you'll like it. Check this PDF file out, click on download link at the bottom of this post.  
What does this document contain?
This is just a partial note from Magic of Word, English, Class XI. This contains complete summary from Magic of Words except the First Unit I, Stories of Supernaturals. Plus, there are short questions with answers from the two chapters of the first unit; The Recurring Dream and The Lost Doll.
This is just a partial note. As we all know that something is far better than nothing. So we've decided to publish this incomplete document as is. Make use of this one and the update is coming very very soon.  

Before Downloading This Document
HSEB notes is a totally non-profit project and we spend our time on typing these notes, very precious time. So, any unauthorized use of this document will heavily discourage us to do this type of work in coming future.

Download Magic of Words Summary.PDF
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  1. Not a good note :(

  2. please share useful notes of meaning into words

  3. Great summary, thanks for writing.

    Another recap of Magic Words (in video format) that I recently found is here:


  4. plz share notes of first unit too.........


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