Apr 24, 2012

Best of Luck for HSEB Board Examination 2069

So, now you are ready! Ready to let them check you. Some of you might be getting paranoid by now, remembering the questions they going to hit you by. There you are preparing for your board examination and here we can't forget our primary duty to wish you luck.

HSEB notes team wishes a very good luck to all Nepali plus 2 students who are appearing for the HSEB Board Examination 2012/2069

We are very sorry to say that we are not able to serve you properly as promised before. But it’s our primary option to be as much as helpful to you and your study. This is a month of Baisakh and board examination is getting very close. We hope our documents will become helpful on your preparation though they are not enough.

We got to say something
Every year, a big mass of students get caught while copying/cheating and with guess papers, solution books, text booklets inside examination halls. It’s our request that, please don’t include any of our document on activities like that. Our goal is to provide you better educational materials on digitized form and that kind of activity is very against our ethics. We; HSEB notes is a decent project just to help on study, not in cheating.

Cheating in exam is a very tough and risky job, you will loose your one year if you got caught while doing that. So it’s our advice not to cheat in examination. A quite long vacation is on its way just after the exam, you may imagine those holidays as a motivation in your study. Stop depression, be cool and concentrate on your study. Best of Luck Guys! Jai Nepal!


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