Apr 24, 2012

Best of Luck for HSEB Board Examination 2069

So, now you are ready! Ready to let them check you. Some of you might be getting paranoid by now, remembering the questions they going to hit you by. There you are preparing for your board examination and here we can't forget our primary duty to wish you luck.

HSEB notes team wishes a very good luck to all Nepali plus 2 students who are appearing for the HSEB Board Examination 2012/2069

We are very sorry to say that we are not able to serve you properly as promised before. But it’s our primary option to be as much as helpful to you and your study. This is a month of Baisakh and board examination is getting very close. We hope our documents will become helpful on your preparation though they are not enough.

Magic of Word - Complete Summaries

Hello Guys! How is your preparation going? The great board exam season is running these days. Hope you are preparing good. Here is a bit of fuel on your race. Hope you'll like it. Check this PDF file out, click on download link at the bottom of this post.  
What does this document contain?
This is just a partial note from Magic of Word, English, Class XI. This contains complete summary from Magic of Words except the First Unit I, Stories of Supernaturals. Plus, there are short questions with answers from the two chapters of the first unit; The Recurring Dream and The Lost Doll.

Apr 12, 2012

Happy New Year 2069

Hello all, Hope you all are fine. This is a month of Chaitra and pre-board examinations are being held in almost all plus two colleges at the same instant. Hope you all are doing well in your exams.

Happy New Year 2069
As you are aware that there is only one day left for New Year, HSEB notes team would like to wish a very very and very Happy New Year 2069 to all Nepali citizens. And a truck full of best wishes for plus two students who are appearing on their upcoming board examination very soon.

The Lost Doll

Why do you suppose almost everyone in the village attended Carmen’s funeral?
Carmen was very loveable child. Though she wasn’t healthy, she was bright, kind, lovely and beautiful child. She was so attractive that everyone falls in love with her. She amazed people with her cute little acts and behaviours. That’s why everyone in the village loved her so they attended Carmen’s funeral.

Why do you suppose the people marched single file to the cemetery?
In my opinion, I think that the people marched in a single-file procession to the cemetery because may be it was their culture, tradition followed by their ancestors or may be the road or the path might have been narrow. So the vehicles couldn’t go through that path.  

The Recurring Dream

What do you think is the reason some people have recurring dreams?
In my opinion I think the reason for some people have recurring dream is tiredness, work load, psychological or mental problem or it may be the continuous thinking about the same things or characters or dream.

Why do you think Kim has this dream?
Kim works at an office where daily there is lots of workload which creates tiredness or mental pressure. So due to this, Kim might have had this dream.