Mar 31, 2012

How to Download

If you are having any problem downloading our documents, this tutorial will help you. Still if you have any problem then please do not hesitate to comment below.

Download from Google Docs(गुगल docs बाट download गर्न)
Click on the link of the respective document and then you will be redirected to the document hosted in Google Docs (drive). You can simply press Ctrl+S and then a download prompt will appear. (ब्लग मा  दिएको document को लिंक click गर्नुहोस, त्यस पछि Ctrl + S प्रेस गर्नु होस् वा तल को image मा देखाए जस्तै File मा click गरेर Save मा click गर्नु होस्।)

Or Go to File > Download to download the document. See image below.

Click on File and then download
Click on Image to Enlarge


  1. great..keep it up 

  2. good job hseb notes it's very helpful ....

  3. ohh,,this is really cool,

  4. Lau hai malai download garna na aako hoki k ho...jati choti download gareni jpt codec bhasama au6.....really awful...

    1. please use adobe pdf reader to open pdf files

  5. Need of Marketing Notes ...
    It is really very necessary..

  6. where are other rest notes such as of waves and ray optics, circular motions, gravitations...e.t.c... Please upload them with their links so that we can download them...

  7. how can i get notes of marketing of grade 12 ???

  8. it would be great if you could provide direct download link in all the notes either in "pdf'" or "docx" platform..... for now only few notes have direct download access


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