Jan 29, 2012

Writing a Letter to Home

Dear father,I hope all the members of the family are fine like me over here. I would like to start this letter with due respect to you and to my mother. I am sorry I could not write any letter in these days. It is due to my new accommodation.

Jan 26, 2012

Review of Magic of Word - Review Writing

Being student of plus two levels, I have read all the books prescribed for us. One of them is the textbook for compulsory English. It is entitled as ‘The magic of Words’. It is compiled by S.P. Lohani. It is based on the concept of encouraging the students to read it.
It is arranged in six units. Each unit has a particular theme. The first unit deals with supernatural stories. Because of the simple language and exciting stories, students find the reading quite intresting and encouraging. The questions given at the end of each story guide the students in critical thinking. The second unit deals with Family and relationships. Although some of the essays are difficult, one can enjoy reading them. The essay such as “Speaking of Children” makes us learn the views of Americans about children and their own happiness. The poem of words worth gives the feelings of relief.

Writing Letter to a Newspaper

The editor,
The rising Nepal

Dear Sir,
Some years ago, Nepal had a peaceful atmosphere. One could feel genuine friendship between one and the other. Then it was more appropriate and justifiable to call it as the land of Buddha. Gone are the olden days. Now peace has been replaced with violence. If one reads the newspaper, one finds plenty events describing violent clashes between one group and the other.

Jan 24, 2012

Introduction to Biology

Why calcium is an important life component?
Calcium forms exoskeleton of invertebrates, imparts strength and rigidity to bones and teeth and the middle lamella of plant cell wall consist of calcium pectate. For these function, calcium is considered as an important life component.

What are important life components?
The important life components are basically classified into two types:
1.    Inorganic compounds: Water and Minerals.
2.    Organic compounds: Carbohydrates, lipids, proteins and nucleic acids.

Jan 23, 2012

Corruption in Nepal

Corruption is intellectually defined as misuse of power. We all know Nepal is a poor country. For self development our country can’t afford self investment, etc. For that we are depended on other countries rich and powerful than our. But all the help and loan taken and given to our country are not for the actual purposes of them.
 Most of the equipments are taken by people in power and self development is done by them. Thus country remains in backstage without development as it was and it is. Similarly the other form of corruption is bribery. The persons who are kept to do work for the people in government office don’t move single step without commission (named as) which is bribe and people also give them their requirements for the completion of their work. Since bribery is a part of corruption. Such habit decreases the status of our country.

Jan 8, 2012

10+ Educational Humour Sites

top-10-educational-humour-sitesYeah, only book for all times makes life boring. How about trying somthing like decent humor. Here are 10 different educational humour sites where you can spend some of your time to get yourself laughing. There are many other humour and jokes sites containing school/educational/students/teachers jokes over the internet, you may use Google to discover them out.

Jan 7, 2012

How to Print PDF notes by HSEB Notes

The PDF notes you download from our site doesn’t allows user to extract text and attachments from it. You can just print the document and use it for your personal purpose only.
Follow the steps mentioned below to print respective pages from the document.

Elasticity Note

The weather is getting as romantic as the cold increases. Wow!!
How about dating with Physics?
Hmm, You won't disagree

Here is another update for the day. Its the updated version of one of our previous notes that is, note of Elasticity. Please be advised that, this is not the final update of the note. We shall be notifying about the future updates through the blog. The following changes have been made with the notes with the update.