Dec 30, 2011

Important Questions with answer - Physics - Grade 11

important-questions-with-answers-for-class-11-physicsHello buddies,
We would like to wish you all a prosperous Happy New Year 2012. Hope all of you will do great in your upcoming exams.

Here is an update for science students. This PDF notes consists some important questions with answers from a small portion of the chapter Heat and Thermodynamics, Grade XI, Physics.

Dec 21, 2011

Note for Elasticity - Physics - Grade XI

Hello all,
How are spending your winter?
Here is an update for you. Hope you will like it. This is a PDF note for Elasticity - Physics - Class 11. Though it is not complete, but it will surely help you to prepare for your exam.

Dec 14, 2011

Acid Rain and Greenhouse Effect

What is Acid Rain? How is it Caused?

Generally, acid rain means the rain of water containing excessive amount of acids.
Oxides of Slulphur, Carbon, and Nitrogen are major gaseous pollutant of air. These oxides are produced mainly by the combustion of fossil fuels, power plants, automobile exhaust, domestic fire etc. These oxides make layers and remains in the atmosphere. During rain, they react with water to form acids like Sulphuric acid, Nitric acid, Nitrous acid which then comes to the earth surface as acid rain or remain in the atmosphere in clouds or fogs.

Dec 5, 2011

The Heritage of Words- Summaries and Important Questions Updated

We are very happy to announce that the first update of our first eNote, The Heritage of Words- Summaries and Important Questions has been released now. Follow the given link at the bottom of the post to download it to your computer.

Following changes have been made in the book with the update:
  • Spotted grammatical errors have been corrected.
  • Table of contents have been added with respective page numbers to make it more user friendly.
The eBook contains summaries and important questions with answer from,