Mar 15, 2011


A little Speech
With a slogan to improvise current educational system in Nepal (including but not limited), our aim is to serve you all with best educational materials and effective learning tips to increase your creativity and enthusiasm to study especially focused on Higher Secondary Level, which includes the very vulnerable mass of the future of the country.

The use of electronic devices among teenagers in Nepal which is increasing on daily basis shows us that education system of Nepal will be more effective when digitized. There were several significant efforts about digitizing the medium of providing education in Nepal, but due to the lack of necessary infrastructures, man power, courage and proper economical distribution they were all limited on the papers and whatsoever.

This taught a lesson that in these types of works, involvement of a single person or an organization will disappear like water in sand. The whole system needs the change, and the system is not so concerned.
There are some very few private institutions based on the ‘urbanized’ area of Nepal administrated by people who know the efficiency of this type of education but they are just grooming some few students having prosperous background inside the compound of their institute.
For those who are not in touch with technology and isolated in a remote village living without electricity and other essential factors of development, it is worthless for them to ask to download a PDF document and read it through mobile, they don’t even know it. Though people living in city areas of Nepal are also not able to taste the juice of 24x7 electricity approximately more than a month in a year.

So, what is become of us? [About Us],
We are just a few among the few discussed above and we are trying to stand aside from the rush of the internet carrying a bull-horn and shouting that “we have some learning stuffs, please come and grab them.”
We are a small group of 2-4 computer crazy teenagers trying to help other students. Is there any one among you who thinks that, “I would have learned more if it was readable in my mobile”, or may be in a similar way? If yes then you know who we are.
We are stubborn, yes we are! We know that it didn’t work before and many gave up. But, we have a faith that it works.

Let’s talk something about this site; this blog is something like our shouting spot and we publish everything we know, we have and find it useful for other people especially focused on Higher Secondary Level and especially focused on the circumstances of Nepal.

It was first created on 2010, and then struggling to make a way out of the internet and trying to reach as much learners as it can. There are more than dozen documents published as PDF for (offline use) which you may find on the downloads section. Besides, the blog is updated on daily basis with something useful topic either it be inside the curriculum or outside, may be on a topic cited from textbook or may be a newspaper.

We are trying to make this blog as useful for everybody covering topics from both inside the syllabus and outside the syllabus.
Hope you will find something that interests you, if not now then may be in future.

We are Sorry!
One question usually people ask us through mails and comments, i.e. “Why there are notes only for Science?”
The answer is, up to now, there is nobody from other stream or faculty than Science in our group. So, we do not have the necessary resources to serve on other streams. If you think that you could help us then please let us know.
Hope, this much reduced your curiosity about HSEB NOTES, if not then feel free to ask us anytime, through contact form.

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